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World History Benchmark Puzzle

You are to complete this after the benchmark. This covers all the information that we have studied this entire quarter. Good luck.

1               2
4                   5
    6 7  
8                     9                
12   13           14  
    15 16                    
20                     21
23                       24
26       27                  
      29 30           31            
33         34                
35           36    

1.where gladiators fought animals at
3.Muslim word for God
4.she ruled China with an iron fist
8.person who appears to rule, but real power rests with someone else
9.agreement to work together
10.founder of Islam
11.the most awesome UCDC trip advisor who also teachers 7th and 8th History
12.city whose daily live revolved around the military
15.you believe in only ONE god
17.20% of Japan's land is this
19.moved the Roman capital to the east and named it after himself
20.body of stories about gods and heros that try to explain how the world works
22.religion many turned to during Period of Disunion
23.greatest emperor of the Byzantine Empire
25.she was married to the greatest Byzantine Emperor
27.emperor who split the Roman Empire in two
28.people who could participate in the government
30.served as regent for his aunt
32.this linked northern and sourthern China
33.king of the gods
34.he took a pilgrimage where he gave away lots of gold
35.Rome, Italy is located on this continent
37.wrote the Iliad and Odyssey
38.warriors who served the daimyo
2.the most awesome 7th History teacher and Art History teacher
3.human made channels that carried water from distant mountain ranges into cities
5.goddess of wisdom
6.more valuable than gold
7.journey to a sacred place
12.most valuable trade item for China
13.first emperor of Ancient Rome
14.a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting eachother
16.all the topsoil was ruined in Ghana
18.you believe in MORE than one god
21.strict code that samurai were expected to follow
24.philosophy that was brought to Japan from China
26.city who admired education, thinking, and arts
29.invaded Japan twice, but lost both times
31.traditional relgion of Japan
36.muslim Holy book

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