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Constitutional Terms


Constitution of the United States of America

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1.Power of the ________ to spend money and raise revenue
5.Amount of Senators in US
10.group concerned only with its own interests
13.Supreme Court's ability to find laws unconstitutional
14.to approve, as in constitution
15.NJ Senator; oldest serving member
19.System we use to elect the POTUS
22.Removal of an elected official or judge
23.First 10 amendments to Const.
25.Two house legislature
26.Powers given to federal gov't
27.1st sec of treasury, $10
32.Enforces Laws
33.NJ Senator; Hispanic
35.Man who started Rebellion in Massachusetts
36.Father of the Constitution
37.Vote to end a filibuster
38.Executive power to release someone from incarceration
39.NJ signer of Constitution; SJ College named after him
2.upper house of Congress
3.Those that did not support the constitution; Henry; Mason
4.reject; as in a bill
6.lower house of Congress
7.Small State Plan; state
8.Interprets Laws
9.City constitution was written
11.Governor of NJ
12.Group that supported the Constitution; Hamilton; Jay
16.revise; as in Constitution
17.First form of government after Revolution
18.Makes Laws
20.Great Compromise; state
21.Amount of justices on the supreme court
24.Power of Congress to pass a bill over a President's veto
28.NJ Congressman D-1 (Last Name)
29.Large state plan, state
30.Powers given to states
31.Government in which citizens elect officials to represent them
34.District 6 Senator; Representing Voorhees in Trenton

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