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Matter, Trends & Bonding


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2.Modified Rutherford’s model by stating that the electrons
8.________ determined that it is impossible to predict the exact location of an electron.
10.A region in which there is a high probability of finding an electron is called an ______.
12.Bohr's model works perfectly for _______.
13.an English scientist who did much of the early work with discharge tubes
14.When an electron is in its lowest energy level, it is in the _____.
1.The electronegativity of magnesium, Mg, is 1.2. Would you expect aluminum's electronegativity to be higher or lower?
3.A French scientist who discovered radioactivity.
4.the element with the smallest atomic radius
5.S-block elements are all _____.
6.Greek philosopher who proposed that matter was made up of small particles (atomos - indivisible).
7.Cl1-, Ar and Ca2+ are ______.
9.Ba is the element symbol for ___.
11.The electron configuration for _______ is 1s22s22p63s23p6.
12.the family name for Group 17
15.There are ____ different orientations in space for p-orbitals.

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