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Ancient East Asia Vocabulary

Darly santos

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1.Unelected government officials
3.A Strong leader that united the Mongls in 1206 and took over northern China
5.highly traind worriors
6.chinas offical government philosophy under the Han dynasty, based on the teachings of Confucius, emphasizes ethics and morals
7.Traditional robes
10.Took over the Shang dynasty, 1100BC-771 BC
11.Chinas ruler was chossen by t=heaven and gave him power Ancient Chinese belif that the Gods decided who should rule and for how long
14.Known as teh golden age, 618-907AD
15.A major river in China also known as the Yangzi River
18.221BC,brought an end ti warring states, the first dynasty to unify all China
19.A city in Western China from invasion,started by Qin dynasty
21.A major river in Northern China also known as the Yellow River
23.Chinese philosphy centerd on co[asion, moderation, and humility with a strong focus on nature
24.Genghis Khans grandson
25.The imperial capital of Japan
2.A Han innovation, practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to cure disease or relive pain
4.The first known dynasrty in China, established by the 1500s
8.chinese dynasty from 205BC to 220 AD
9.Rued 960-1279, ruled after period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
12.Huge palace comllex that included hundreds of imperial residences, temples, and othe rgovernment building
13.A long trade route that strched across the heart of Asia, developed around 100BC
16.Canal that linked northern and southern China,began by the Sui Dynasty
17.Barrier built to protect China from invasion, started by Qin dynasty
20.Military leaders
22.spiritual belief system native to japan

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