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1 2
3             4   5               6
  7       8                
9 10        
11                 12      
          13                 14
15                 16                
        17 18            
22                     23 24
  26               27   28                
    29   30      
34                 35      

3.Jewish festival of lights
5.Santa's trademark laugh
7.White frozen precipitation
8.This will be celebrated on December 25th
11.Brought by the Magi; smelled good
13.These are hung on the tree
15.Winged seraph
16.You can kiss under this
18.Shiny at night, they adorn your tree
19.Guy with a red suit and white beard
20.Smart guys who followed a star
22.These were roasting on an open fire
26.Red and white striped and sweet to the taste
28.Traveling group of Christmas singers
31.Snowman with a corncob pipe and a button nose
32.Frozen precipitation that hangs from the gutters
34.They watched over sheep and saw a star
35.It's better to do this than receive
37.Eaten by Santa; milk and _________
38.Deck the halls with boughs of these
1.Red Christmas plant
2.Rocking around this could be fun
4.This drink is good with marshmallows
6.This can adorn the top of your tree
9.These will be found under the tree
10.Not a sound in the night (song)
12.The night before New Year's Day
14.Santa's form of transportation
17.He's a mean one
21.Another name for Santa
22.Santa comes down this to get inside your house
23.Popular sport to watch during the holiday season
24.He was shown how stingy he was with his money by three ghosts
25.The paper on the presents
27.Where Santa lives
29.A little girl may wear this in her hair
30.Santa's helpers
33.This can be hung on the door
36.__________ to the World

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