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Westward Expansion

Andrea Lockett

12/11/12 3rd Period

1     2         3
  5     6
8                                       9

1.he invented the syllabary
8.he signed the Treaty of New York which gave Georgia land
10.form of transportation that helped transport goods to increse business and industry
12.the indians had to walk to Oklahoma because the government kicked them out of the eastern U.S
13.for a fee, white males over 21 could buy a chance to win land
14.device invented by Eli Whitney to help remove seeds from the cotton fiber easier
2.first University to hold classes in Georgia
3.he was a businessman who established a store and a ferry
4.in 1829 gold was discovered and people invaded the Cherokee's territory
5.system where each white male who was a head could receive up to 1000 acres
6.when the cherokee went to court over land in Georgia and won, but Andrew Jaskon refused to enforce
7.Lower Creek Chief executed for selling the Creek's last land in Georgia
8.he was the president during 1830 and helped pass the Indian Removal Act
9.sale of western land to 4 land companies after the members of the Georgia General Assembly
11.the chief justice during the Worcester v. Georgia case

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