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Unit 2 crossword puzzle

Joe MacDonald

1 2
4 5                        
8       9  
10                                       11        
  16                 17                    
20     21                          
23 24   25          
        27                 28          

5.Who was the CIA direxter during the Reagan administartion?
6.Who was Robert McFarlane's successor?
7.who was the US sergeant killed instantly in the bombing that was attached under a disk jockeys table?
10.What was the name of the treaty between Iran and Iraq in 1975?
12.What was the resolution that required immediate Iraqi withdrawel?
14.What was the name of the building that got bombed in OKC?
15.Who was Sadat replaced by and will remain in power till 2011?
16.Who became the king of Afghanistan during a military coup in 1973?
18.What did the USSR adopt that granted them the right to exert milittary might to occupy countries to foster new communist regimes?
19.Who led the syrian forces in the golan heights and was excecuted for his failure?
20.Who was the pilot that got shot sown and was held captive and was later released following promise that the US will withdraw?
22.Who performed the first world trade center bombing?
26.What was the name of the Kurdish village that Saddam Hussein attacked?
27.What was the name of the terrorist group Saddam Hussein expelled?
28.Capital of Tunesia
29.Which US president Invited Sadat of Egypt and Minister Begin of Israel?
30.Which US president ordered Operation Infinite reach?
1.What is the waterway called between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?
2.Who were the two people that planned the OKC bombing?
3.Which Israeli army genereal rose up against Golda Meir?
4.Who murdered president Khan and his family?
8.Who is the speaker of the Egyption Parliament?
9.What is the operation called that promises direct food relief to the people of Somalia?
11.Who was the deputy director of political-military affairs?
13.Which administration was the special task force sent by?
17.Who did saddam Husseign put as the governer of Kuwait?
21.what is the Lebanese Muslim Militant Group called?
23.Capital of Sudan
24.Which terrorist group was Osama Bin Laden the leader of?
25.Capital of Afghanistan

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