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The Industrial Revolution

Naomi Clyde

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          9 10  

4.the movement into cities for reasons such as jobs
8."father of communism"
11.written by "father of laissez-faire capitalism"
12.written by "father of communism"
13.economic system in which businesses are privately owned
14.invented by Jethro Tull, planted seeds faster and more efficiently
1.took control over strips of farmland, larger food supply, left workers jobless
2.cause of the Industrial Revolution
3.invented by Charles Townshend, system of changing types of crops grown, increased crop production and kept the soil fertile
5."father of laissez-faire capitalism"
6.(ex. long hours, low wages, child labor, etc.)
7.low supply->high demand; high supply-low demand
9.economic system in which the state controls production
10."hands off"

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