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Exam Review 3

Telena Monosso

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5     6               7 8          
9                 10 11              
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27                         28            
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    34 35           36          
37             38          

1.Papiamento is a _______________; a mixture of indigenous, Europeans, and African languages
4.The country of ___________ was reunited in 1990
5.This treaty is responsible for the creation of the European Union in 1992
7.Portugal is on the _______________ Peninsula
9.Regarded as South America's largest lake even though its a part of the Caribbean
10._________________ is a major oil producing country in South America.
13.Gorbachev's reformist policy of political openness was called _____________.
15.________________is the major river in Eastern Europe
16.The liberator of Haiti
19.Latifundias are ______________________
20.The ___________ was a 300 year period of discovery and learning
21.An _______________ shares a common ancestry, language, religion, customs and culture
22.Most Caribbean islands are actually_____________
23.The liberator of Mexico
27.Guy Fawkes day is celebrated in ______________
28.Lake _____________ is the world's deepest lake
30.A system of equality and worker owned production is known as ________
33.The enslaved workforce of imperial Russia were known as ____________
34._____________is Europe's most populated country.
36.The liberator of Cuba
37.The construction of dams/dikes to hold out the ocean in the Netherlands is known as the ________ project
38.Futbol is __________
2.In Chile, the rain shadow effect of the Andes has produced the _________ Desert
3.The __________ part of Europe was controlled by communists from 1945-1990
6.Latin America was largely settled by Europeans from what two countries
8.The Sierra Madres are located in ____________.
11.A long running steep area or cliff is called an _____________
12.Gauchos are similar too:
14.The economic linking of 35 European Nations is called the ________
17.True or False- The Amazon is larger than the Mississippi
18.The worlds highest navigable lake
24.Denmark is on the ____________ Peninsula
25.Jamaican is a ___________ of English.
26.The __________ were a Native American empire in South AMerica
28.Historic Supreme rulers of the Russian Empire were known as
29.A major island in the Mediterranean near Greece
30.The cool fertile highlands of Brazil and Columbia grow some of the world's best _________.
31.The capital of Russia is __________
32._______________is the major river that runs through London
35.The _____________ Mountains traditionally divide Europe and Asia

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