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Identify the verb in each sentence to complete the puzzle.

*A verb tells what is being done!

1   2       3 4 5   6     7
8   9                  
10             11           12
14     15      
16   17   18              
20           21                    
23             24            
  25 26              
  27 28              
29           30   31       32
33       34   35              
  36               37      
39               40      
42   43   44  
45 46        
  49 50          
  52       53

1.Jenny watches too much television.
5.Henry bought lettuce at the farmer's market.
9.The GPS navigated the driver away from Main Street.
10.Bill talks to his neighbors.
11.Xavier prefers football over baseball.
13.The basketball player threw the ball into the hoop.
15.The driver got a speeding ticket.
17.The students created posters in art class.
20.The patient waits in the waiting room.
21.Tina organized the kitchen cupboards.
22.Please hand the paper to the student.
23.Larry found his lost glasses.
24.The customer handed the cashier money.
26.Jack tripped over the rug.
28.The receptionist wrote the date of the appointment on the calendar.
29.Stacey drank sweet tea at dinner.
31.The roof of the house leaks.
33.Timothy has an appointment at noon.
35.Ray called his sister back.
36.The children shared the toys.
37.George rode with Greg to the game.
38.Teresa helped her sister with her homework.
39.The computer starts slowly.
40.Make a wish on a star.
41.The store sold 100 copies of the newspaper.
42.Thomas drives through the country.
46.Veronica jumps over the stream.
47.The bread baked in the oven.
50.Jill enjoys photography.
51.The worker digs at the building site.
52.The girl clung to her handbag.
54.The soup kitchen served Thanksgiving dinner.
2.Jerry takes his time.
3.The ants searched for a pinic.
4.The green light blinked continuously.
6.Tori understood the lesson in class.
7.Holly traced the outline of the painting.
8.The student cuts the paper with scissors.
12.The officer stopped the driver.
14.The boy wants ice cream.
15.The cows grazed in the field.
16.Sally mowed her lawn.
18.I cannot explain what I saw.
19.The class read a novel.
21.The teacher offered help to the student.
23.Harold finds a purple crayon.
24.The child hides behind his playhouse.
25.The students worked on an assignment.
27.The teacher taught a lesson about snakes.
30.Henrietta sleeps late on the weekends.
32.A guest speaker spoke in the gymnasium.
34.The student passed the test.
35.Harold cleans the office.
43.Ray is happy.
44.Martha enjoys traveling around the world.
45.My donation added one dollar to my total purchase.
47.Mrs. Gray buys a roll of paper towels at the store.
48.The baker rolled the dough in flour.
49.Gina grows tomatoes in her garden.
53.I go to school everyday.

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