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Percy Jackson & the Olympians

Royal Crown Cola

Tribute to a fantastic series.

1 2 3 4               5                       6
7 8           9   10   11 12                   13  
    15                               16                                  
18                     19  
    22               23               24      
25       26                               27          
          28                   29             30               31
  32       33 34     35          
36                                                               37                       38 39 40    
              41     42                       43                
          45       46                                                   47                            
                48                                 49          
                51   52                   53
    54         55     56   57                                
                    58                                             59    
      60                               61                           62            
  63                               64                         65                        
  66                                           67                
          68                                                         69    
                          71 72                   73  
75         76                 77                            
80 81                     82               83       84    
        85       86     87                    
    88                                           89      
            90             91          
          92                       93                                      
    95                         96                
          97                 98                                       99
  100                                 101             102
104   105                                   106   107 108      
          109                   110                                  
      112                         113   114                      
  115                     116              
117           118   119                   120                      
  121           122       123                               124  
125                       126                           127                            
129                   130                    

4.Chirons shirt saying when Percy brought the news of Beckdorfs death (6 Words)
8.Grover walking around this place before Morpheus put him too sleep (2 Words)
11.What attacks Percy in the woods during capture the flag?
14.Conseulor from Apollo that died in the Battle of the Labyrinth (2 Words)
15.The wine dude (2 Words)
16.God of lack of sarcasm (2 Words)
17.Who goes w/ Silena on the decoy during Capture the flag w/ the Hunters? (2 Words)
18.God of desperate atteniton disorder
20.Poseidon told Delphin to do battle against a type of monster
21.Why is Grover afraid of rabbits? (6 Words)
23.Apollos' cabin to which bridge
25.Goddess of rainbows
26.What's part of the reason Percy lets a telekine go sound the alarm on the Princess Andormeda (4 Words)
28.How did Sally parents die? (2 Words)
29.Which oringnal memeber does not go on The Titans Quest?
30.Medusa head is sent to
36.What does the general call humans? (8 Words)
41.Chiron undercover (2 Words)
43.Old hag in the attic
45.Big House's color when May Castellan vists
46.What is on of the monsters seen by Annabeth on the Princess Andromeda? (4 Words)
47.Rachel Dare was completey gold where? (2 Words)
48.Monsters guarding the Sea of Monsters (2 Words)
57.Zoe's sisters are the
58.Percy school w/ tyson (3 Words)
60.Silena says her final words while holding (7 Words)
63.Statuefied hobo (2 Words)
64.God of the Wild (2 Words)
65.Daughter of Athena (2 Words)
66.The Angel dies (4 Words)
68.Em Undercover (5 Words)
70.Who is Clairesse comforting in the basement? (2 Words)
71.Name of Clarisses ship (2 Words)
75.Hotel do they camp in
77.Goddess of love (2 Words)
78.Where does Leneus get buried? (3 Words)
81.Who convinced Paul that the greek Gods and Myths exist? (2 Words)
83.Fury that does teachers and lawyers well
86.Goddess of keeping the family "together" (2 Words)
88.Demeters' cabin to which tunnel (2 Words)
91.Flag of a country chopped in half by Kronos
92.Question Luke asks when he is dying to Annabeth (4 Words)
93.Aphrodites' cabin to which bridge (3 Words)
95.God of travel (2 Words)
97.Eathan's last name
98.Kronos was hit by Rachel's (3 Words)
100.What did Luke get at his home w/ Thalia and Annabeth? (2 Words)
103.View in Daedalus workshop (4 Words)
104.Cowherd and his dog (2 Words)
109.Ployphemus Attacks Percy and Tyson with a (2 Words)
110.2 titans Percy sees in his dream with Nico (3 Words)
112.Father of digesting children (2 Words)
114.Percy's Mom (2 Words)
115.Pandora's box shows up in a weaking place (2 Words)
117.Newest member of the fat satyrs
119."Mother Earth" (2 Words)
120.God of the old hags (2 Words)
121.2 statues at Hoover Dam (2 Words)
123."Father" Sky (2 Words)
125.Nico's card game
126.What game is Grover playing at the Lotus ? (2 Words)
127.God of causing disruptive storm disaters!!! (2 Words)
128.Thalia's fight against Kronos ends (2 Words)
129.Who was one the guinea pigs?
130.Bully at Meriweather Prep (2 Words)
1.Teacher at Goode High School (2 Words)
2.Pink poodle name in the Lighting Theif
3.Clairsse lost battle to a
5.Grover in the elevator (10 Words)
6.Which casino do they stop at in Vegas?
7.Gifts sent to Percy from Hermes (6 Words)
9.Hermes' cabin to which bridges (3 Words)
10.Address of Percy's apartment in the LT (4 Words)
12.Grovers saying when Percy at the River Styx
13.What Class did Percy disrupt when hiding telekhines? (2 Words)
19.Luke's mom (2 Words)
20.Hunters of Artemis to which Tunnel
22.Daughter of Ares (3 Words)
24.What does Poseidon warning say ? (2 Words)
27.Daughter of Zeus (2 Words)
31.Gold "toy" for Annabeth (2 Words)
32.Reinforcements against Kronos at the Empire State Buliding (2 Words)
33.What attcks Percy at Meriwheater?
34.Battle in D.C. (7 Words)
35.What is Briares? (3 Words)
37.Percy's brother
38.Where does Rachel's dad want her to go to school? (3 Words)
39.Automarion they 1st sent off and the one on Division (4 Words)
40.Kronos' big surprise on the attack of Manhatten (2 Words)
42.Daughter/Son of Hades (5 Words)
44.Gift from Poseidon in The Titans Curse (3 Words)
49.Who does Percy meet underwater in the Titan's Curse? (3 Words)
50.Highlight during dinner at the Pavilion after the Battle for New York
51.What does Percy immedialty wanted inclueded in his deal w/ the gods? (3 Words)
52.Daughter of Aphrodite (2 Words)
53.Communcation Percy tells Annabeth to use with her dad (3 Words)
54.Names of 2 of C.C.'s servants (2 Words)
55.Apollo pulls in this kind of car (2 Words)
56.Goddess of spring (2 Words)
59.Luke summons what animal to kill Percy by the lake (2 Words)
61.2 close deaths for Daedalus (2 Words)
62.Where does Mrs. Kerr show up? (4 Words)
67.Chariot Attack (2 Words)
69.Son of Hephaestus (2 Words)
72.What new weapon does Tyson want?
73.Goddess of the don't fall in love or i'll break your back (2 Words)
74.Ares tells Percy to pick up his shield where
76.Pan is dying in which national park (2 Words)
79.Goddess of revenge
80.Goddess of the harvest (2 Words)
82.Double crossed inventor (2 Words)
84.Clarisse after the fight w/ the drakon (4 Words)
85.Annabeth's twin brothers (2 Words)
87.Goddess of skill (2 Words)
89.Presence of Pan the 1st time (3 Words)
90.Hephaestus' cabin to which tunnel
94.Santa's fat hobo twin
96.Something Hermes can never get over with (2 Words)
99.Horrible son of Poseidon in the Labyrinth
101.Percy's teacher
102.Athenas' cabin to which bridge
105.Tyson's name for his Hippocampus
106.God of desperate anger mangement class (2 Words)
107.Donut stop where (2 Words)
108.Where does Percy stab Ares?
111.God of don't touch my bolt you...mortal. (2 Words)
113.Monster on Answer That Riddle
116.Attack paln against Polyphemus
118.Not Pandora's box but Pandora's
122.General to Dr. Thron
124.Animal Percy calls Grover the 1st time he sees w/ cloven hooves

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