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Jesus' Ministry

Joseph Silver

Deals with Baptism of Jesus at River Jordan, His temptation in the desert, the conversation at Caesarea Philippi and the Transfiguration.

1                   2
3   4               5
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1.They symbolise opposition to God, 4,7 (2 Words)
3.Something which changes the course of history or someone's life, 9
6.A title for Jesus that emphasises his sharing in the divine nature, 3,2,3 (3 Words)
12.The event which saw Jesus being lit up by divine light, 15
14.Torn open during baptism, 6
15.He baptised Jesus, 4,3,7 (3 Words)
16.Two people who appeared with Jesus on the mountain, 5, 3, 6 (3 Words)
20.Symbolism of heaven being torn open, 8,2,3 (3 Words)
23.A title for Jesus that emphasises his suffering like human beings, 3,2,3 (3 Words)
24.Number of days Jesus spent in the desert, 5
25.A Christian season of 40 days that remembers Jesus' 40 days in the desert, 4
2.At Caesarea Philippi Jesus said that he must......, 6,3,2,6 (4 Words)
4.What Jesus underwent in the desert, 10
5.What Peter was NOT thinking like at Caesarea Philippi, 3
7.This event saw Jesus finishing one way of life and beginning a new one, 7,2,5 (3 Words)
8.A word that means 'telling off', 6
9.What some Christians do in Lent, 4
10.What Jesus called Peter at Caesarea Philippi, 5
11.What God told Peter, James and John to do to Jesus on the mountain, 6,2,3 (3 Words)
13.Jesus was baptised here, 5, 6 (2 Words)
17.What Jesus was called for the first time at Caesarea Philippi, 6
18.They symbolise Jesus receiving God's support in the desert, 6
19.The person the Jewish people were waiting for, 7
21.An evil power, 5
22.Symbol of peace and Jesus receiving peace of God in his heart, 4

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