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Government Review


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1.Within resaonable limits, not excessive, and/or extreme. ( Veiws, measures; in politics/religion)
5.An elected representative who serves in the United States Senate for a term of six years.
7.The official lists of qualified voters in each precinct
10.The smallest unit of election adminstration
12.This department serves as the main Manager of the Prosperity.
13.Branch of government that has the power of enacting laws.
19.Branch of government that is responsible for carrying out the laws
21.A formal agreement between two or more countries
22.Means the right to vote
24.What determines the rules for each states primary
26.People who oppose having a strong central government; are against the Constitution.
28.People who supported Jefferson's dream/vision of strong state governments(mostly Southerners).
29.The payment of a special
31.A political order that allows a body of citizens to have supreme power
36.A unit into which cities are often divided for the election
39.An organization that works to gain power,etc. Democrats, and/or Republicans.
42.Two majors parties find common ground and work together
43.Pres. power that may or may not be given to a new government
44.Current officeholder
45.The largest number of votes cast for the office
46.Government in which political control is shared by the people.
47.A system of government in which a written constitution divides the power of the government
48.This group must confirm most of a president's appointment
49.A general pardon
50.No longer eligible to vote
2.When people vote for the president, they are really voting for their state
3.A declaration that gave each state the right to be free, and independent states.
4.The state of being supreme; of power or authority.
6.Was a Virginian lawyer, who was chosen to prepare the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.
8.First ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution; to protect certain rights of the citizens
9.Another term with the same meaning
11.This department serves as a Chief of State.
14.Cheif executive of State
15.The group of people who actually cast votes in an election
16.System where each branch of an organization can limit the powers of other brances.
17.Known to be the father of the U.S. Constitution.
18.The chief executive of a republic; George W. Bush
20.a system in which several major
23.Body of electors who elect the United States President, and Vice- President
25.Branch of government responsible for the Adminstration of Justice.
27.Made a provisions for deciding when a president is disabled
30.Persons or the groups of persons who lobby in the interest of a specaial group/ industry, etc. who,s jobs are to attempt to persuade/ influence a legislator or legislators to kill/ defeat a bill, etc.
32.Legal forgiveness of a crime, by a president or Governor
33.A person ability to read
34.Conflicting groups
35.Postponement of a sentence
37.power to reduce that length of a punishment for a crime
38.An English philosopher, who believed that people have/should have natural rights to life, liberty, and prosperity.
40.Is a Temporary alliance of several groups who comes together to from a work
41.A government by a few/ a small faction of persons or families.

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