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Eating Responsibly

Mr. J.Trevino

Ch 8 Voc

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2.chemical composed of one or more simple sugars
5.label found on outside packages of food
7.disease that involves an unhealty concern with one's body
8.an estimate of how much ou should weigh depeding on height and body frame
9.energy storage nutrients
10.organic compounds that control several body functions
12.tool that shows what kinds of foods to eat
13.how you feel about and see your body
15.a calculation that can help ou determine our healthy weight range
17.how much you value, respect, and feel about yourself
19.eating disorder in which the person eats large amounts of food and tries to remove it from his/her body
20.nurients that build and repair tussues and cells
21.substances in food that your body needs
1.process for converting food into energy
3.disease in which the person can't control how much to eat
4.amount of energy your body gets from food
6.set of suggestions that will help you develop healthy eating habits
11.eating disorder that involves self-starvation
14.elements that are essential for good health
16.process of breaking down food
18.diets that promise you quick weight loss with little effort

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