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9.2 The Louisiana Purchase

Pg 280-285

What you should Learn: How did the Louisiana Purchase affect the nation's economy & politics.

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3.E. This was the territory to the west of the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains.
5.S. One of the types of people Lewis and Clark brought with them.
8.V. Some federalists states wanted to __________ in fear of new Republican states being created.
11.J. Napoleon wanted to use _____ _______ as a naval base to control an American empire.
14.H. He was the leader of France who wanted to create new empires.
16.F. This is what the pioneer farmers used to ship their crops to markets.
18.X. This is what you ate when you were 2 or 3 years old. gross
19.W. Hamilton died in a ________ with Burr after he had accused him of treason.
20.N. The Louisiana purchase would give the U.S. ____________ of the Mississippi river.
22.M. How much did the U.S. pay for the Louisiana territory?
23.P. A __________ was started to gain information about the new territory.
1.C. These vehicles were used by settlers in their journeys west.
2.D. One of the two most valued possessions of pioneers.
4.A. One of the animals that were available to Lewis & Clark in the A.D.
6.G. A deal between the ________ & France for the Louisiana territory was an economic threat to the U.S.
7.R. ________ & _____ headed the expedition of the new territory.
9.T. She joined Lewis & Clark and helped as a guide.
10.L. One of the American diplomats in France that were surprised by Talleyrand's offer.
12.K. The leader of the revolution on Santo Domingo that stopped Napoleons plans for empire in the Americas.
13.U. Americans learned about the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains from his travels.
15.Q. Explorers hope to find a w_____ r____ across North America to trade with Asia.
17.O. The U.S. __________ in size with the Louisiana purchase.
21.B. One of the two reasons Americans moved west in the 1800s.

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