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4.----------- Registration is done in case where the assessee opts for one single registration
6.The amt in lakhs beyond which when the taxable value of services exceeds the SP has to register
8.No of days within which the revised return needs to be filed
10.The person who provides services
11.No of days within which invoice is to be issued for determing the point of taxation
13.Date of ---------, point of taxation in case of reverse charge mechanism
14.Every kind of Moveable property
15.A person Liable to pay tax
1.The persons whose value of taxable services does not exceed Rs. 10l
2.Act of nullifying or elimination
3.The new approach adopted by the Indian government for Service tax
5.The mechanism under which the liability to pay service tax shifts to the service receiver
7.This tax means the burden of paying tax is transferred from one person to another
9.Specified duty free zone deemed to be a foreign terrirtory within the country
12.----------- Contract, wherein transfer of property in goods is involved in execution of contract

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