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Mrs. Conklin

8th grade Social Studies: Immigration Unit

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1.the reason the immigrant goes to a new land (2 Words)
5.a way to give full citizenship to a person born in another country
6.the first stop in the United States for immigrants coming from Europe (2 Words)
9.located deep under the deck, it was crowded and unsanitary, lowest fare ticket
11.a group that shares the same customs or culture (2 Words)
15.the first stop in the United States for most immigrants coming from Asia (2 Words)
17.programs that fostered patriotism, English language and American government
18.the reason the immigrant leaves the native land (2 Words)
19.a native born American who wants to eliminate or reduce further immigation
2.banned immigration from China for ten years: 1882 (3 Words)
3.she opened Hull House (2 Words)
4.a movment that aimed at improving the lives of the poor (2 Words)
7.a house or center offering help to immigrants or the urban poor (2 Words)
8.a person who settles in a new country
10.blending into society
12.an apartment building where immigrants lived: overcrowded, unsafe and run-down
13.when cultures blend together (2 Words)
14.a document (booklet) needed to enter or leave a country
16.a person that opposes all forms of government

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