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Frosty words

Taylor Hayes: Staff Writer

Spaces are not included

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6       7   8       9    
11   12             13               14        
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23                     24        
25           26  
        28         29        
  32 33                  
35 36             37                 38        
          39       40  
  41       42                    
    43             44     45    
  46             47        

6.What naughty children get
8.Who makes the toys?
12.The first person to visit Scrooge (4 Words)
15.Where Santa gets stuck
16.Eighth reindeer
17.Who stole Christmas?
19.Fourth reindeer
21.Silver and gold _______ on every Christmas tree
22.Fifth reindeer
23.Green with little red berries
24.The first ____
27.Nips at your nose (2 Words)
28.Brings presents to all the good little girls and boy (2 Words)
30.Door-to-door singing
31.The famous cake that no one wants
33.Seventh reindeer
35.What is left under the tree?
37.Hung by the fireplace with care
38.What does he check twice?
39.Second reindeer
41.What is six foot tall in your house?
42.Where Jesus was born?
43.What you leave out for Santa
44.Use to make a bow
46.Misfit reindeer
47.Frozen rain
48.Third reindeer
2.The third person that Scrooge is visited by (4 Words)
3.Have a holly ____ Christmas
4.He has a lamb named baba, a donkey named Samson, and a camel named Joshua (3 Words)
5.Where does Santa Live? (2 Words)
7.His first words were “Happy Birthday” (3 Words)
9.He comes before Christmas with a gift (2 Words)
10.Peppermint stripes (2 Words)
11.Name the song dashing through the snow…? (2 Words)
13.Little kids try to stay up all night on _________ (2 Words)
14.____ ____ its Christmas time in the city (2 Words)
18.Wooden toy soldiers
20.Christmas flower
25._________ in a pear tree
26.What you hang on your tree
28.Danced in their heads (2 Words)
29.When you get free toys
32.Who says “God bless us everyone” (2 Words)
33.First reindeer
34.Kissing under the
36.What pulls Santa’s sleigh
40.Use your noggin what is made with eggs
45.What is the topper on a present?

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