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Greek Gifts pg 325-331


What you should learn: Arts and Science of ancient Greeks,Cultural achievements in Athens.

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1.Q. Who's teaching focused on morals, knowing right from wrong?
5.K. The questioning of old ways led to rational or _______ thought in many areas.
7.A. He was an architect who directed the building of many beautiful structures.
8.G. His fables include the Hare and the Tortoise & and the boy and the Wolf.
10.D. The Greeks created the foundation for _________ in many countries some of which is around today.
12.B. This was the great temple built by Pericles to honor Athena.
13.E. His epic poems provide much information for modern historians.
14.U. This is what you used to eat when you were 2 or 3 years old. Gross
15.T. This is the study of animals.
16.J. He was the master of Greek comedies.
18.P. This word means "lovers of wisdom"
2.I. Sophocles was a famous playwright, his plays were called _________.
3.C. By looking at these, we can learn about daily life in ancient Greece.
4.R. Socrates was found guilty of teaching dangerous ideas and forced to drink ________.
6.F. One of Homer's famous stories of adventure.
7.M. Many people believed illnesses were __________ from the gods, but Hippocrates knew they had natural causes.
8.O. Thucydides wrote about the war between ________ & Sparta, which he was able to witness.
9.L. The __________ theorem expresses the relationship among the lengths of the sides of a right triangle.
11.H. This can describe a persons weak spot.
17.N. Democritus believed all matter is made up of building blocks called _______.
19.S. One of the things Plato's school taught.

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