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Huff Puff

Edexcel IGCSE level Cells

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  5                     6
        7         8

4.The organelle where respiration takes place
5.An organelle found only in plants and some protoctists, where photosynthesis takes place
7.The building blocks of living organisms
9.The structure surrounding cells that controls what enters and exits the cell
10.The jelly like substance inside the cell that contains the organelles and where many chemical reactions take place
1.A large structure containing cell sap which is found in the middle of many plant cells
2.The chemical process by which plants absorb ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide, and create glucose and oxygen
3.The green pigment in plants that captures light energy for photosynthesis
5.A wall made of cellulose in plants and chitin in fungi which supports the cell
6.The chemical process in which glucose is broken down in the mitochondria of cells, releasing energy and producing carbon dioxide and water
7.Long DNA molecules found in the nucleus of cells
8.The organelle in cells that contains the genetic material

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