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Astronomy Vocabulary 1

Mr. Elliott

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4.Stellar remnant created when a small or midsized star burns out, the hot carbon-oxygen core left (2 Words)
6.A medium size star that has run low on hydrogen fuel, and has swelled up to many times its original size (2 Words)
7.Currently accepted scientific theory of the origin and formation of the universe (3 Words)
8.The last stage of an extremely massive star, collapsed to a single point with gravity so intense that light (2 Words)
9.The range of all possible forms of electromagnetic radiation (2 Words)
11.Explosion of a star. Supermassive stars may leave behind a neutron star or a black hole
14.The actual brightness of a star as measured by an observer on Earth (2 Words)
16.The specific wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that are emitted by a particular (2 Words)
18.The distance light will travel in one year, approximately 5.9 trillion miles (2 Words)
19.The collapsed remnant of a massive star that was not big enough to form a black hole. Left behind (2 Words)
20.The longest waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, wavelengths from 10 to 1000 m (2 Words)
21.The study of space and objects outside of the Earth’s atmosphere
22.Pictures in the sky imagined by humans by “connecting the dots” with stars.
1.A collection of millions or billions of stars held together by their own gravity
2.The true brightness of a star as it would be if it was 10 parsecs from Earth (2 Words)
3.Energy carried by photons in the form of waves. (2 Words)
5.Unit of distance equal to the average distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93,000,000 (2 Words)
10.Stars in the main stage in their life cycle when hydrogen fuel is fused into helium (2 Words)
12.The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye, including the (2 Words)
13.Unit of distance used to measure distances between stars, equal to 3.25 light years
15.A large interstellar cloud of gas and dust
17.The true brightness of a star, regardless of the distance from the star to the observer

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