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Variety Of Life

Huff Puff

Edexcel Biology variety of life

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  6             7          

3.An organism that causes disease in another living organism.
6.A small circle of genetic material found in some bacteria in addition to the circular chromosome
7.Multicellular organisms that carry out photosynthesis and have cellulose cell walls
8.An organism that has a protein coat surrounding a strand of RNA or DNA, no cell
10.A mass of hyphae that form the body of a fungus
11.Unicellular microscopic organisms that have no nucleus, only a single circular chromosome and perhaps an additional plasmid
12.The digestion of dead food material outside the body, as in fungi
1.A single thread of fungal mycelium
2.Multicellular organisms that do not carry out photosynthesis, have no cell wall,and are able to locomote
3.A bacteria that causes pneumonia
4.Plural of hypha
5.Unicellular or multicellular organisms that have a cell wall made of chitin and carry out saprotrophic nutrition
7.Unicellular microscopic organisms that contain a nucleus and share many characterisitics with either plant or animal cells
9.A disease caused by the protoctist plasmodium

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