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Hinduism & Buddhism Vocabulary Crossword

Hilary Estes

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4.An ancient Indian language
6.the belief that a person's soul is reborn into a new body after they die. The Sanskrit word for _____ is samsara.
7.Hinduism and Buddhism both developed in the subcontinent of _______
9.The Hindu caste that contians priests and religious scholars
10.A belief found in Hinduism and Buddhism that a person has a duty to live an honorable life.
11.The Hindu caste that contains herders and merchants
15.The Buddha is the _______ one.
18.Events that repeat over and over again in a circle. Some Hindus see this ______ as the work of Brahman, who is constantly creating, destroying and re-creating the universe.
19.According the Four Noble Truths, all ___________ comes from desire.
20.A religion based on the teachings of the Buddha
21.The Hindu caste that contains servants, farmers and herders
23.Had an effect on. This cultural heritage has __________ how people worship.
25.one of the most famous literary texts from ancient India. It is a sacred text to many Hindus.
1.The Hindu caste that contains rulers and warriors
2.Exact and detailed. To follow one's dharma means to dedicate oneself to performing one's duties and to living by ______ sets of rules.
3.Ancient ritual traditions in which Brahmins played a key role.
5.The people in the lowest caste. Other Hindus avoided touching them or even looking at them.
8.a state of perfect peace
12._________Guatama was an India prince who became the Buddha.
13.gods. There are three important _____. They are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
14.A journey to a holy place. A Hindu might make a ___________ to the Ganges River.
16.A religion that developed in India over many centuries.
17.A collection of ancient writings viewed as sacred by many Hindus.
18.A social class or group in Hindu society
22.The Hindu and Buddhist belief that good and evil done in past lives determines what a person's next life will be like.
24.Something that you have to do. Dharma is the idea that a person has the _________or obligation to live an honorable life.

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