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Cellular transport

Huff Puff

Biology Edexcel IGCSE level

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3.The net movement of water molecules from a weak solution to a stronger solution across a partially permeable membrane
4.The net movement of molecules down a concentration gradient
6.The net movement of molecules against a concentration gradient requiring energy from respiration
9.A membrane that has tiny pores that allow smaller molecules, but not larger molecules to pass through
10.A process that does not require energy
11.When a plant cell has a full vacuole and the cytoplasm pushes against the cell wall giving the cell structure and support
12.The chemical process which provides the energy required for active transport
13.An increase in this increases the rate of diffusion and osmosis
1.A dissolved substance
2.The difference in amount of substance between two areas
5.An increase in the size of this increases the rate of diffusion and osmosis
7.Something a solute is dissolved in
8.Describes when plants become floppy when they lose water by osmosis

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