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1.Install on the torch mixing handle and size must be suited to the job.
6.The torch is held so the tip is pointed opposite the direction of travel and into the pool
8.The joint between parts is loosely fitted.
10.Uses the intense heat generated by an electric arc between the end of the welding rod and the workpiece.
15.Is a portion of the metal of each part being joined is melted.
17.Brittle coating left on weld from rod coating material.
19.Name commonly given to the cut made with an oxyacetylene cutting torch.
21.Gases that do not react with other substances.
23.The current is traveling from the rod holder through the rod across the arc, and to the work.
24.Used for arc welding usually range from 12 – 14” in length and areavailable in many diameters.
25.Is a joining process that involves fusion.
2.An attachment used with mixing handle to cut steel.
3.Wire feed welding.
4.Reduce cylinder pressures to a controlled and useable amount.
5.A material used to prevent the formation of oxides or other impurities or to dissolve and remove impurities.
7.Generally be used for gas welding and will permit smooth, dense,strong welds.
9.The current is traveling from the work, through the arc, through the rod, and into the rod holder.
11.The torch is moved in a downward direction.
12.Normally red hose.
13.Clear of air or other gases from the oxygen hose line by allowing oxygen to flow from the hose momentarily.
14.Method of using heat from an electric arc to melt and cut metal.
16.Draws the brazing alloy into the joint.
18.Used to ignite the torch.
20.Used for arc welding usually range from 12 – 14” in length and are available in many diameters.
22.Sometimes called by the trade name Heliarc.

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