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Elements 1-28


2   3 4
5                     6  
8   9     10            
        11   12
  15 16               17  
      18             19
21     22   23          

5.My chemical symbol is P.
7.I'm the leader of the carbon family.
9.I'm in period 3 and group 3.
13.My atomic number is 12.
14.I have 28 neutrons.
15.Mix me with sodium and you get table salt.
18.I'm the leader of the alkali metals.
23.Don't confuse me with the coin nickel.
25.I'm the leader of the nitrogen family.
26.I'm the leader of the oxygen family.
27.I have the same discoverer as helium.
28.When I react with oxygen, rust is formed.
1.I'm the leader of the alkaline earth metals.
2.I start with a p, but my chemical symbol is K.
3.I'm in the noble gases family, but I have only 2 valence electrons.
4.I'm used to color glass.
6.I'm in your mouth.
8.It may seem like I'm the leader of the halogen family, but I'm not.
10.Try not to confuse me with magnesium.
11.There's a song named after me.
12.Don't mix me with chlorine.
16.I'm in the 1st group, but I'm actually in the halogen family.
17.My atomic number is the number right before 15.
19.My atomic number is the number right after 15.
20.I'm the lightest transition metal.
21.I have 23 protons.
22.I'm the leader of the boron family.
24.I also have the same discoverer as helium.

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