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Cellular Respiration 6.8-6.11

Heavenly Myers, Jesus Chavez, Emily Ochoa

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  10                 11      

2.What is the name of the German-British researcher that the Krebs cycle is named after?
5.The last two stages of Cellular Respiration takes place in the...?
6.Glycolysis takes place in the...?
7.This forms at the end of Glycolysis, it diffuses from the Cytoplasmic Fluid into the Mitochondria.
9.Energy-releasing chemical breakdown of food molecules.
10.The compounds that form between the initial reactant (glucose) and the final product (pyruvic acid).
13.This theory describes how cells use potential energy in concentration gradients to make ATP.
1.The metabolic breakdown of glucose molecules to carbon dioxide. The second stage of Cellular Respiration.
3.A series of electron-carrier molecules that shuttle electrons during the redox reactions that used to make ATP.The last stage of Cellular Respiration.
4.Chemical breakdown of a molecule of glucose. The first stage of Cellular Respiration.
8.High-energy fuel molecule for the Krebs Cycle.
11.This energy is released in every stage.
12.How many stages are in Cellular Respiration?

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