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Test 7 Review Guide

Mr. Kane & Ms. Taylor

1 2                          
    3 4
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    22 23                       24
26                                           27 28 29  
    31     32        
        34   35     36                    
            42           43
44                                           45

2.This was the use of Mexican migrant laborers to work farms left vacant during the war
5.This was the turning point battle in the war on the African front.
6.This was the Italian leader who is most closely associated with the term Fascism
10.This was Erwin Rommel's nick name as the leader of Germany's Afrika Korps.
12.Executive order No. 8802 required this to make jobs available without the use of discrimination.
14.The suprise attack from the Japanese at this location on December 7th, 1944 caused the US to enter WWII.
17.This was the Prime Minster of England during WWII.
18.The allied powers needing aid and land for bases were given them by the US through this.
20.This was the Supreme leader of Japan during WWII.
23.Hitler could taken out the Allies at this battle (however he allowed them to escape to Britain.)
26.This was created in helping convert factories from consumer to war production
30.Captured Nazi soldiers said they were just following orders when they defended themselves here.
35.This was an all African-American group of pilots who defended every bomber they escorted during WWII.
39.This was the Supreme Court Case which upheld the holding of Japanese-Americans (many American Citizens!) in Interment Camps during WWII. Reparations were paid about 40 years later.
41.This was the man who led the Americans to victory against Japan, and also helped draft their new consitution.
42.This was a country that was part of the Allied Powers during WWI but the Axis Powers during WWII
44.The Japanese-Americans were rounded up and placed in these, because the US saw them as a threat to the US National Security.
46.This was the African country that Italy invaded and failed to conquer.
47.This was the capture and death of American POW’s at the hands of the Japanese.
48.This was the larges battle in history which took place along the beaches of Normandy France (June 6th, 1945.)
49.The outcome of this said that the Allied invasion would open up a second front to help the Soviets.
50.This was Germany's plan for war which used lightning war or to overwhelm the opponent quickly.
1.This was Hitler's plan for the Jewish people in Nazi Germany during WWII
2.This was the German's last offensive attack on the Allied Powers in the War in Europe.
3.Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt who met at the Potsdam conference were known as this.
4.The US agreed to victory here before ending the war with Japan.
7.This was an auto biography writen by Hitler in jail which tied Extreme Nationalism and anti-semitism and his dream for Germany.
8.President Truman justified the use of the Atomic Bomb on this location because he felt it would bring a quick and decisive end to the war.
9.This was the stance that America took before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor to the War in Europe and the Pacific.
11.Adolf Hitler and this British Prime Minister agreed to the Munich Agreement or Pact. (to stop WWII from happening.)
13.these were the two countries involved in a non-agression pact which allowed one country to invade Poland
15.The invasion of this country sparked WWII
16.This is a group of nations which included the US, Great Britain, France, and the USSR.
19.American's practiced this which included rationing products for the war, buying bonds, and devoting resources to the war effort.
21.This was the President of the United States of America from 1933-1945.
22.The development of this was the main purpose of the Manhattan Project, and would be used on both Germany and Japan if needed.
24.This was the Allied Stratey for Victory in the Pacific Front (or Theatre.)
25.This was the turning point in the war on the European Front.
27.This allowed Hitler to legally strip the Jews in Germany of their citizenshipand discriminate against them during and before WWII.
28.This policy allowed the US to sell war goods to any nation as long as they came and got the goods and took them (clearly favoring the British though.)
29.This is a group of nations which included Italy, Japan and Germany
31.FDR and Churchill signed this which allowed for the Allied Powers have common goals for the post war.
32.This was the turning point in the war on the Pacific Front.
33.This was an the agreement that would divide Germany into four military zones.
34.This was the man in charge of the development of the atomic bomb.
36.This was an event known as night of broken glass which signified an escalation of Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany
37.This was first used as propaganda to get american women to aid the war efforts; later it was used as a symbol of Women's Power.
38.General George Patton who contibuted to the victories in Africa and Europe had the nickname of this.
40.This was the Premier of the Soviet Union during WWII.
43.Giving into the aggressor to stop war from taking place is known as what?
45.The Marines raised the US Flag at this location on a stragic island near Japan.

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