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Bible Doctrines

Pastor Greg lilly

Can you name the Bible doctrine that the clue reveals?

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42                           43         44

5.We believe that life is in this and without it being shed there is no remission of sin
7.We believe that once a person has accepted Christ as Lord,He is eternally kept in God's care
10.We believe that this is the event when Jesus was taken by a cloud in front of many eyewitnesses
11.We believe through this ordinance we remember the sacrifice of Jesus by partaking of juice and a wafer, which represent His blood and body
13.We believe He is the third person of the blessed Trinity
15.We believe that God sent His Son Jesus into the world because of this He had for the world
16.We believe to accept Christ is a part of this process of delivering one from sin
17.We believe this attribute of God means that He is all-knowing
20.We believe that one day, the man of sin will rule the world, controlled by Satan himself, commonly called the Antichrist, he is also called this by Paul
21.We believe this attribute of God means that He is all-powerful
24.We believe, as Jesus said, that all who believe in Him will not perish but be given this
25.We believe that all unbelievers will one day dwell in this place of punishment and confinement
29.We believe that this group is made up of born-again believers and it is not a building, but a body
31.We believe this event is the joining together of the Church and Christ in Heaven
34.We believe that through this the new lie is imparted and the Divine life is made possible by the Holy Spirit
36.We believe that through this God has given to us information about His work and character
38.We believe that Jesus was born in this manner, unlike other human beings and that Mary, His mother was this
40.We believe that after the judgment of the nations, we will enter into this period that will never come to an end
41.We believe we are set apart for the service of God and this is the process daily of allowing us to be separated from the world
42.We believe Jesus underwent this method of punishment and death used by the Romans
43.We believe that unbelievers can be indwelt by these creatures
45.We believe that without this you cannot please God
46.We believe this attribute of God means that He is ever-present
1.We believe this term means God's unmerited favor
2.We believe that the word of God is profitable for this term which is a system of beliefs
3.We believe that this event occurs after the Great Tribulation and is the reception of Christ and the Church back to earth
4.We believe this term teaches us that God does not give the world what it truly deserves
6.We believe this is how the world came into existence
8.We believe that the scriptures are 'God-breathed' and this is the process through which God gave to us His message
9.We believe he is the Son of God and Redeemer of mankind
12.We believe this age is on going and that during this age Christ is building a body of believers
14.We believe that all are born into this and that this is defined as anything that falls short of the glory of God
18.We believe He is the member of the Trinity from Whom all things are decreed
19.We believe that the word of God, also called this, is the final authority for life and faith
22.We believe this is a time when the full power of God's wrath is poured out upon the earth
23.We believe that this speaks of Jesus establishing a 1,000 year rule
26.We believe this is the term used of a believer who has accepted Jesus, Jesus also used this term of a believer when speaking with Nicodemus
27.We believe this is proper method of getting things and is another way of saying ask God for something
28.We believe that this is the method by which God accepts us into the family of God based upon the merits of Christ and not our merit
30.We believe that we who accept Christ as Lord will one day dwell in this place
32.We believe through this process our bodies are changed into bodies like Jesus and allows us to enter into the spiritual world
33.We believe this term means that God is in authority over all
34.We believe that this event teaches that Jesus rose on His own from the grave, but also that His sacrifice was accepted by the Father
35.We believe that after accepting Jesus as Lord, the believer should follow Him into this ordinance which identifies the believer with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus
37.We believe that God exists eternally in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, therefore the Godhead is called this
39.We believe the next prophetic event is the return of Christ for the Church also called this term, which is not used in the Bible, but means the gathering together of the born again with Christ in the clouds
44.We believe that this individual is the accuser of the brethren

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