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The Bible and Christmas

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you name these people, places or things associated with Christmas from the clues?

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1.This prophet proclaimed the virgin birth of Jesus
4.This was the city of the birth of the Messiah
7.He and the Messiah were born in the same city
8.This name for Jesus means He is a miracle
9.She was the mother of Jesus and was told by an angel she would give birth to the Son of God
10.This was the type of clothes put on the baby Jesus
11.These heavenly messengers proclaimed the birth of Messiah
12.The Messiah's name would be called this
15.This was the name given to Jesus which means God with us
17.This was the place where no room was found for Jesus
18.At the coming of the Messiah this would come to the Earth
19.This term means that Mary thought very hard about all the events that happened surrounding the birth of Jesus
20.This prophet proclaimed the birth of the Messiah
2.These individuals were the first to hear the announcement that a Savior was born
3.He gave the decree that all the Roman world should be taxed
5.At the coming of the Messiah this would come toward men
6.This means that Mary had never been intimate with a man
13.This was the city were Mary and Joseph dwelt
14.He was the step-father of Jesus and husband of Mary
16.This was were the baby Jesus was laid

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