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Geological Time Scale

Geological Time Scale Tic Tac Toe #2

1 2 3         4       5
  7   8                        
      9 10 11            
    14                           15
19                         20              
23 24                            

3.4-Legged Organism
6.Period included the rise of sharks and bony fish
8.Era included three mass extinctions
11.Warm-blooded organisms that birth their offspring
12.Cold-blooded, tetrapod vertebrates
14.An event where many species become extinct in a short amount of time
19.Event when organisms rapidly evolved from ancestors
21.Most recent era. Includes the rise of human civilization, Ice Ages, mammals, and warming climates.
22.Division of the Precambrian time or Phanerozoic eon
24.Period included the appearance of dinosaurs
25.Period included largest mass extinction in Earth's history
26.Extinct reptiles that lived in the Mesozoic Era
27.Period included the rise of modern humans and the formation of civilization
28.Layer of material between the rocks of Cretaceous Period and Paleogene period
1.A cold-blooded vertebrate animal of a class (Reptilia)
2.A model that expresses the major geological and biological events in Earth's history
4.Eon including all time before the Cambrian Explosion
5.Preserved evidence of an organism
7.Period including the first birds, lush forests, and scattering of dinosaurs
9.One who studies Paleontology (The study of the forms of life existing in prehistoric or geologic times, as represented by the fossils of plants, animals, and other organisms.)
10.Eon including all divisions after the Cambrian Explosion
13.Period of Cambrian Explosion and the arise of body plans
15.Era included the appearance, scattering, and peak of the dinosaurs
16.Includes all of the eras in the Precambrian era
17.Flowerless plants whose seeds are not in its fruits
18.Period of amphibians, evergreens, and the scattering of insects
20.Period included a remarkable evolution of fish and other sea life
23.Division of an era

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