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French 3 & 4

1 2         3
4                 5  
7       8                    
    10             11                    
12       13                 14 15 16  
      19       20  
21 22       23   24                      
25                   26                            
    28   29            
30                           31           32      
          34           35                      
  37                                 38      
  39                               40        
41                   42         43              
44                             45                
46                     47                            
48   49   50       51                 52
53                         54                    
  55                   56                          

2.I put on
4.I understood
8.to wake up
10.to go up
11.They take
12.They wrote
17.She is going to go out
18.We sell
24.We used to speak
25.to get angry
26.You used to know
30.We know
31.They used to be
34.I woke up
37.We used to wait
39.They (f) left
41.we are sleeping
43.I take
44.we are putting on (as in clothes)
45.to go to bed
46.My name is
47.You used to be right (vous)
51.to remember
53.we want
54.She knew
55.to get dressed
56.We took
57.to call oneself
1.We come
3.to get up
4.I understand
5.to brush
6.They write
7.they are able
9.He says
13.We finish
14.They went
15.to get undressed
16.I did
19.They used to choose
20.He said
21.to be wrong, to fool oneself
22.to amuse oneself
23.We used to take
27.to go to sleep
28.We're going out
29.We are waiting
32.He slept
33.I used to play (do) basketball
35.They used to be strong
36.We take
38.I used to understand
40.We used to finish
41.we are able
42.to be worried about
48.You used to come
49.I'm going out
50.ro shave
51.to wash oneself
52.English word meaning "wake-up" call for soldiers

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