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Child Writes

Emma Mactaggart

Creating a children's picture book is child's play! The process of creating a picture book uses layers and tools to ensure you can complete the task at hand - writing and illustrating a 32 page picture book!

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1...... material is essential for any budding illustrator.
4.The pen you use to outline your illustrations needs to be .....
9.Allow more of this than you first thought for the illustrations.
12.Having read this on the back cover, this encourages the reader to open the book.
14.The number of pages for a picture book need to be divisble by ....
15.You are not a published author without this!
16.You can draw anything if you use your powers of ......
17.Essential for a picture book.
18.The most important person involved in this process.
19.A book IS actually judged by this. (2 Words)
21.The line around the edge of an object.
26.A version of the story.
27.When creating a book, you don't need one - you need many of these.
29........ makes perfect!
30.Children are drawn to books with lots of vibrant .....
31.The basic building block for communicating a story.
32.A title given to a person who writes books.
2.Adding colour to the illustrations is called....
3.The name of the program! (2 Words)
5.This is what you do if you want to make sure there are no spelling mistakes.
6.A planning tool which allows you to see what the final product may look and feel like. (2 Words)
7.Consider this as page one in a 32 page picture book format. (2 Words)
8.A title given to a person who draws pictures for books.
10.Avoid drawing anything IMPORTANT on the .... of the page.
11.The planning tool which allows you to see the whole book on one piece of paper.
13.The best way to celebrate finishing the book. (2 Words)
20.Child Writes motto: Children writing for Children supporting ......
22.Each draft produced gets better and better because of the .... process.
23.Sketch the illustrations on paper using one of these.
24.Watercolour ..... does a lot of the work for the illustrator!
25.The page with all the publication information included on it.
28.Read ..... is the best, best, BEST way to test your story's rhythm.

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