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Everything Justin Bieber

Brittney Bieber

Test what know about the famous Justin Bieber!

1               2 3   4      
6               7        
    9 10                  
      12     13     14           15
16           17                    
18       19     20       21  
  22       23          
    25 26                          
27           28            
          30             31      
          33   34     35
39                               40      

1.His hometown.
3.Justin's favorite color.
6.AKA "Mrs. Bieber"
7.The month Justin was born.
10."I'd like to be everything you want, hey girl, lemmie talk to you..."
11."My friends say I'm a fool to think that you're the one for me..."
12."You're always goin' out your way to impress these Mr. Wrongs..."
16."I wait on you forever, and day, hand and foot..."
17.His first name.
18."I'm only here to find you, you, all I need is you by my side..."
23.His father's name.
24.The name of Justin's newest album.
26."For you I'd write a symphony..."
27.His mother's name.
30.The song Justin is most know for with almost a billion hits on YouTube.
31."Lemmie tell you story, about a girl and a boy..."
33."Baby we can go nowhere but _____ from here, my dear..."
37."So you love me, as much I love you..."
39."You're beautiful, beautiful, you should know it..."
41."I wish we had another time, I wish we had another place..."
2."So it's up to you, and it's up to me..."
4.The track on the Believe album that features Drake.
5."I might have a reputaion, but there's only me and you in this equation..."
8."Aye, aye, aye, aye, me plus you..."
9.Writen for Mariah Yeater, but he changed her name for this song.
13."Hey baby girl, I like you accent..."
14."Girl I've been fooled by your smile, I was mistaken by the way you love me..."
15.His sister's nickname.
19.What the one lucky girl who gets to go on stage with Justin is called.
20."We could be starvin', we could be homeless, we could be broke..."
21.The movie about Justin and his My World tour was named after this song.
22.Justin's very first song!
25."They say we're too young for love,but I'm ________ ________"
27."It's the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets spreadin' so much cheer..." Purple: Justin's favorite color.
28."...but I gotta keep and eye out for Selenur..."
29."Everybody's laughing in my mind..."
32."Across the ocean, across the sea..."
34.His stepmother's name
35."It's the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets spreadin' so much cheer..."
36.His last name.
38.His brother's name.
40.His middle name.

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