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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Just how much do you really know about the cast and crew of The Hobbit and their work on other book adaptations? Check your lore here :)

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1.Older Bilbo performs in which Victorian book adaptation?
3.Frodo as a child was one other famous character, written by whom? (2 Words)
5.The role for which Saruman is the most famous?
8.Name of strong WW2 heroine played by Galadriel? (2 Words)
9.The TV series in which Gollum was Bill Sikes (2 Words)
10.Another film adapted from the book that was directed by Peter Jackson? (2 Words)
11.Gandalf was main antagonist in which Marvel's comic adaptation? (2 Words)
12.Legolas was a member of whose Australian outlaw's gang? (2 Words)
2.The authoress who would be proud of Thorin Oakenshield's performance? (2 Words)
4.Elrond performs in which one film adaptation released at the end of 2012? (2 Words)
6.Younger Bilbo was in one famous sf novel adaptation, written by whom? (2 Words)
7.Bofur was main character in which TV series inspired by R.L. Stevenson?

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