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42                 43      

2.use this tool to cut paper
5.extra support for walking held in hands
7.another word for someone who is family
10.physiotherapist equipment which allows patients to jump and have the impact force absorbed; fun for kids in the garden
13.vehicle that brings injured patients from the scene of accident to hospital
14.the process of determining by examination the nature and circumstances of a diseased condition.
19.in a movie theater, the place you put your arm, but have to fight the person next to you for = arm ______
23.if you are single, married, widowed, etc.; this is your ________ status
24.measures a patient's temperature
26.mobile toilet used by patients who can't leave bed
27.to evaluate or estimate the value of something
29.doctor dealing with the heart
31.DOB = date of __________
34.squishy thing used to clean up liquid spills
35.the ability to move physically; a goal of PT is to improve this
36.another word for your sex, male or female
38.you use this to dry off after a shower
40.another word for your job or career choice
41.general word for an arm or leg
42.persons who are crippled, injured, or incapacitated
43.the fingers on my feet are called my _______
1.medical device that controls the beating of the heart with electrical impulses
2.football players who can't walk off the field during play are carried off in one of these
3.surgical knife
4.you buy this to help pay for your medical bills if you have need for medical care in the future
6.use of ultrasonic waves in therapy
8.to change or alter; diversify
9.cloth used to wrap up a wound or to stabalize an injury
11.the person who gives you the drugs at the shop
12.moveable place where the foot meets the leg
15.another word for someone's last name (mine is Micozzi)
16.a guess or conjecture; make a conclusion without all the facts
17.failure or mistake of medical personnel; negligence which leads to further injury or loss
18.a doctor who cuts people open
20.to cut off an arm or leg or other body part
21.rolling seat for people who can not walk
22.an order from a doctor to get specific drugs
25.a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body; the body telling you something is wrong
28.possible injury to the brain caused by a fall or hit to the head
30.place where two bones meet, usually allowing for movement
32.CAT scat = ________________ Axial Tomography scan
33.a person trained to help women during childbirth
34.needle and tube used to take blood samples from patients
37.another word for 'deadly'
39.moveable place where the hand meets the arm

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