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Bible Trivia 1

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? See if you can complete the puzzle with the right answers to the clues.

2       3 4 5   6    
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2.The number of the day man was created
5.His name was changed to Israel
7.He was one of two men that it was said walked with God
10.What the sky was called during the days of creation
12.What creature did Satan use to beguile Eve
13.He was a tiller of the ground and killed his brother
14.This is what God said the earth was filled with and therefore He would destroy man
19.He was one of two men that it was said walked with God
20.He was a cunning hunter and man of the field
21.How many unclean beasts would be taken into the ark of each species
22.The name of the garden the first man and woman dwelt in
1.He was a keeper of sheep
2.What flaming weapon did God use to guard the entrance to the garden after man and woman were driven out
3.She was a handmaid and bore Abraham a son
4.The name given to the well of Isaac
6.It was the unit of measurement used to build the ark
8.King of Salem and a type of Christ
9.He was Noah's father
11.This name for God was unknown to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but was made known unto Moses
15.When Moses smote the dust of the land with his rod it became this
16.He was a descendant of Ham and became a mighty man in the earth
17.How many clean beasts would be taken into the ark of each species
18.On what day did Noah open the window of the ark and send forth a raven

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