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Bible Trivia 2

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? Can you complete the puzzle by reading the clues?

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2.The number of rams, he goats, and lambs of the first year to make up the peace offering presented by Elizur the son of Shedeur, prince of the children of Reuben
6.Also called a bear-rat, it was considered to be an unclean animal
8.This river overflows it's banks during the time of harvest
9.Commandment five tells us to do this to your father and mother
11.This man led others to rebel against Moses and Aaron
15.This small town defeated the Israelites and even killed some of them
19.Besides being a Priest and King, Jesus was prophesied to be one of these
20.Ehud, the 2nd judge of Israel used this hand to write
21.Not all things are revealed to man by God, these things belong only to the Lord our God
22.This man only had daughters, no sons, and died in the wilderness because of his sin
23.He was the eighth judge of Israel
24.Joshua proclaimed that he and his what would serve the Lord
25.This book shares instructions to God's people and contains the second giving of the law
26.When Jericho was rebuilt, it was called the city of this type of tree
1.The oldest a man could be to be able to work in the tabernacle of the congregation
3.This is not to be eaten, for it is the life of all flesh
4.He spied out the land and when he returned said the people could overcome their enemies and take the land just as God said
5.The youngest a man could be to be able to work in the tabernacle of the congregation
7.Commandment four tells us to keep this day holy
10.This is a promise made to God and if you make one you should pay it
12.These places were to be tread upon by the people of Israel in subduing their enemies
13.This city was defeated by a marching band of people
14.This is another word for a cobra in scripture
16.What number judge was Gideon to the nation
17.This is what a promise from God was called in the Old and New Testaments
18.These people were enemies of the Israelites and Moses said that if the people continued to rebel, they would be destroyed by the sword of these people
20.This book was never to depart out of the mouth of Joshua
24.The part of Aaron's body upon which anointing oil was poured when he was consecrated as a priest

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