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Bible Trivia 4

Pastor Greg Lilly

How well do you know your Bible? Can you finish the puzzle by answering the clues?

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1.God said the people had robbed Him in this and offerings
7.According to Isaiah, God confounded these people so that they began to fight against one another
9.In what year of the reign of Darius, did God commission the prophecy of Zechariah
10.This little word means a lot, it is a warning from God to watch out
11.Ezekiel was told by God to take one of these barber's instruments to his head
12.Finish this verse, "They that sow in tears shall reap in _____"
13.He was one of the sons of Herod and he was an insane killer
18.According to Matthew this woman gave birth to Solomon and used to be the wife of Urias
21.Jonah fled to this city which is located on the coast of Israel
22.Jesus was not a Nazarite, but He was one of these
23.This term means there is no purpose in man's labor
2.This is the place David fled to from the presence of Saul, Solomon wrote about it's vineyards
3.Solomon said that the righteous are bold as this animal
4.This city was inhabited by descendants of Esau and helped in the captivity of the descendants of Jacob
5.Joseph could have given to Mary a writing of this, but instead he took her as his wife
6.This attribute of God endures for ever
8.This was the capital city of Judah
14.He was Isaiah's Father
15.Tax collectors were also called this
16.Jesus has been called the Rose of _______
17.This was the capital city of Israel
19.In Zechariah, the Messiah is called The _______
20.Serve the Lord while you can before your spine, also called a silver this be loosed

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