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Cross section of a leaf

Huff Puff

Parts of a leaf cross section

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3.Vascular tissue that transports sucrose away from the leaf
6.Vascular tissue made from dead cells that transports water and minerals to the leaf from the roots
7.Pores mostly in the underside of the leaf allowing gases to enter and exit the leaf
8.Layer full of air spaces to allow the movement of gases through the leaf to and from cells
9.Transparent layer of cells on the underside of the leaf
1.A layer of cells closely packed and full of chloroplasts in the upper half of the leaf to receive as much sunlight as possible
2.Transparent layer of cells that allow as much light as possible through to the photosynthesising cells below
4.Cells that surround the stomata and can alter their shape in order to open or close them
5.Prevents water loss by evaporation from the top of the leaf and acts as a barrier to pathogens

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