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Biology Key Words

Huff Puff

GCSE key words

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5.A large structure found in may cells containing cell sap
6.Flaps of the heart, and in veins, that prevent the flow of blood in the wrong direction
9.One of the blood vessels that carry blood to the heart
10.A finger-like projection of the small intestine wall where absorption of digested food material occurs
11.Widening of blood vessels
12.Nutrients needed by the body in tiny amounts to remain healthy, named with letters eg A,B,C
13.The amount of food produced from a crop or a farm animal
14.Narrowing of blood vessels
15.How water cycles between living organisms and the environment
1.Plants of the same species but with different characteristics of their own
2.A fertilised egg formed from the fusion of a male and a female gamete
3.Tubes formed from dead cells in the vascular bundles of a plant, which carry water and dissolved substances from the roots to the rest of the plant
4.The two chambers of the heart that receive blood from the atria and pump it out through arteries
5.Another word for breathing
6.A mechanism for carrying genetic material into the nucleus of a cell in genetic engineering, such as a virus or bacterial plasmid
7.Giving a vaccine to stimulate the immune system and protect against infection
8.The capacity of a plant cell to take up water by osmosis. A turgid cell can take up no more water so has no water potential
9.Differences between organisms

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