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Biology key words T and U

Huff Puff

Biology key words for GCSE

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1.A feeding level in a food chain or food web, such as producer, primary consumer
4.Tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder
6.Another name for micropropogation
7.The tube leading from the mouth to the bronchi, sometimes called the windpipe
9.The centre part of the body, protected by the ribs, which contains the lungs and heart
10.An organ of the body containing cells that respond to a particular hormone
11.Movement of dissolved sugars and other molecules through a plant
16.An animal that eats secondary consumers
17.The womb, where a human fetus develops before birth
1.An organism that contains DNA from different species
2.A hormone produced by the testes that produces secondary sexual characteristics in boys
3.A substance produced in the liver from the breakdown of amino acids not needed in the body
4.Filtration on a molecular scale, as happens between the glomerulus and Bowman's capsule
5.A group of similar cells that have a similar function
8.Evaporation of water vapour from the surface of a plant
9.A growth response to a particular stimulus in plants
12.Describing a plant cell that has a full vacuole and the cytoplasm pushes against the cells wall, giving the plant structure and support
13.A tube that connects the bladder to the outside of the body
14.The site of sperm production in men
15.A liquid waste produced by kidneys, containing water, urea and salts

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