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Muslim Times

Naqiya Motiwalla

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2.One of five pillars of Islam which emphasizes discipline and closeness to God, Muslims are to pray five times a day (dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, sunset, and after nightfall).
5.This King of England led the fight against Salah al-Din, he also ordered the death of 2,700 of his Muslim prisoners. (2 Words)
12.These type of Muslim doctors used drugs to put their patients asleep before removing limbs, taking out tumors, and clearing cataracts.
13.Muslims share 2.5% of their wealth to the poor,this is also one of the pillars of Islam that controls Muslims from getting greedy.
14.The art of beautiful handwriting that is the highest form of art and the only worthy way to record God's messages.
18.A town where Muhammad moved to, so he could bring peace to the fighting tribes also known as Medina.
20.Religions such as Christianity and Judaism who also believe in one God are known to Muslims as __ (4 Words)
21.It literally means "to strive", the Qu'ran tells Muslims fight to protect themselves from those who could harm them.
22.This is a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca and one of the pillars of Islam, all Muslims are to complete this pilgrimage at least once in their life.
23.This woman was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor and had many mixed feelings about Crusaders. She thought that some Christians were only fighting for wealth or glory and not the for the sake of God. (2 Words)
24.This empire was found by Babur a descendant of Genghis Khan and ruled most of India.
26.The area between Egypt and Syria, where Jesus lived and the homeland of Jews, also called Palestine. (2 Words)
27.When Muslims do not eat or drink during the daylight hours and also one of the pillars of Islam which is Siyam.
30.One of the greatest sultan who united most of the Muslim lands and captured Jerusalem back from the Christians. (3 Words)
32.A device for computing time based on the location of the stars or the sun, it helped Muslims keep track of time for daily prayers.
33.This angel was sent from God to speak to Muhammad and deliver God’s messages to him.
34.The merchant who became the prophet of God after Moses and Jesus. He was the leader of Muslims.
35.This type of design takes its beauty from the natural world, artists would carve stems and flower patterns that repeated over and over again.
37.A trading city in Arabia and home to the Ka'bah.
38.A widow who ran a trading business and married Muhammad.
39.These people were Turks from Egypt who led the resistance and overthrew the dynasty made by Salah al-Din and defeated the Mongols in Palestine.
40."Those who surrender to God." and follow Muhammad and the Quran are called.
41.This person was the first caliph after Muhammad's death, he unified Arabia and carried the teachings of Islam far beyond Arabia. (2 Words)
42.This empire was established in northern Anatolia and captured Constantinople, they also destroyed the Mamluk Empire and conquered most of Southeastern Europe, northern Africa and central Asia.
46.This game was invented in India which is a battle of the wits, Muslims adapted and improved this game and also introduced this game to Europe.
47.The holy book of Islam that is said to hold God's final revelations to the world.
48.This Persian doctor discovered that infections were caused by bacteria and helped doctors treat deadly diseases. (Hint: Al-__) (2 Words)
1.This discovery from the Chinese helped spread literature and Muslim culture around the world and helped make books which became a big business in the Muslim world.
2.The "party" of Ali and minority of Muslims, they believed only people directly descended from Muhammad through his daughter and son-in-law should be caliph.
3.This person was the cousin of Muhammad and the wife of Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter) and the fourth caliph. He was the son of Abu Talib.
4.The direction of Mecca.
6.Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand used this against Muslims and Jews who said they converted to Christianity in Spain in the late 1400s, thousands of people were burned at the stake for practicing old religion.
7.A winged horse took Muhammad to Jerusalem and guided him through the seven levels of Heaven where he then prayed with past prophets. This journey was called, (2 Words)
8.These people were from Central Asia who've been migrating to Muslim lands for centuries and established a new Muslims dynasty. (2 Words)
9.A city that took four years to build as the new capital of the Muslim empire, this was one of the world's largest city and is located in present day Iraq.
10.This game was learned from the Persians which consists of teams on horseback using mallets to strike a ball through a goal.
11.The house of God made by Adam and renovated by Abraham.
14.The European Christians began these religious wars during the 10th century and a response to the threat posed by Seljuk, it caused thousands of Muslims, Jews, and Christians to lose their lives.
15.Accounts that provided evidence of Muhammad's Sunnah.
16.This person was "the father of Algebra" and wrote a famous book on algebra that became the most important text of Europe in the 12th century. (Hint: Al-__) (2 Words)
17.These series of wars was launched by Christians to get back the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims.
19.The ninth month of the Muslim calender where Muslims fast for 30 days.
24.These Nomadic people from northern China conquered most of central Europe and defeated the Seljuk Turks, they also destroyed Baghdad and after many decades began to convert to Islam.
25.A Indian concept spread by Muslims used to make calculations easier.
28."There is no God but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God." this message is followed by all Muslims and one of the pillars of Islam.
29.A sacred city to Jews, Christians, and Muslims that is in the Holy Land and in present day Israel.
30.This empire was found by Babur a descendant of Genghis Khan and ruled most of India. There are many Muslims who live in India today because of them.
31.This person protected Muhammad from Arabs and was head of the Hashim clan, he was also Muhammad's Uncle. (2 Words)
36.A spring that gave water to Hagar and Ishmael in the desert and is still in Mecca today.
37.The Muslims house of worship, this is where they do their daily prayers.
43.An example Muhammad set for Muslims.
44.In this year Muhammad led his final pilgrimage to Mecca and gave his Last Sermon and soon after died (use numbers).
45.The wife of Abraham who was left in the desert with her infant son Ishmael.

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