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Colonizing North America

Mr. Palm

Chapter 4 Vocabulary

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1.Quebec is located in New________________
4."Old new York was once New _________________"
7.to put money into something to try to earn more money.
11.Respecting beliefs that are different from one's own.
13.An attack by an armed force to conquer another country.
15.A person who makes a long journey for religious reasons.
16."The main thing is to keep the main thing the main _________"
2.Large fleet of ships
3.Something declared as ones own
5.The variety of people in a group.
6.a piece of ownership in a company.
8.Jamestown is located in New_____________
9.An agreement.
10."There is no _______________!"
12.A document giving permission to a person to do something
14.St. Augustine is located in New_______________

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