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A Christmas Carol Stave V

Mrs. Melvin

3 4   5   6        
7           8  
      10   11
12     13            
  15 16                 17    
  20           21                

4.Scrooge said, "I don't know anything. I'm quite a _____."
6.Scrooge had these on his face at the beginning of the Stave.
7.Bob prepared to grab this and use it against Scrooge if necessary.
9.Scrooge knew how to keep this well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.
13.Scrooge was so excited he was making this of himself.
14."Clash, clang, hammer; ding, dong, bell." (figurative language)
16.Scrooge sent the turkey to the Cratchits ______.
20.Scrooge told Bob to get a new one of these before he dotted another i.
22.After Scrooge met the portly gentleman he went to this place.
24.Scrooge gave Bob this right away.
25.Scrooge bought the prize ____ for the Cratchits.
1.Scrooge hired this to deliver the turkey
2."The father of a long line of laughs." (figurative language)
3.What the Spirit of Christmas Yet to Come became.
5.Scrooge included a great many of these in the donation to the portly gentleman.
8."I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel." (figurative language)
10.Tiny Tim asked him to bless Us, Every One.
11.Scrooge tricked Bob into thinking he was _____ at Bob for being late.
12.Scrooge sent the young boy to this shop.
15.Scrooge was filled with these as he made arrangements for the turkey.
17.Some people did this to see the alteration in Scrooge.
18.Scrooge became a second ______ to Tiny Tim.
19.On the morning after Christmas, Scrooge arrived at work ____.
21.Scrooge had to muster this before he could knock on Fred's door.
23."The spirits have done it all in one _____."

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