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French Revolution and Napoleon


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1.who did not pay taxes in France
2.who killed Marat
6.who marched to Versailles to bring Louis back to Paris
8.reform minded finance minister leading up to the revolution
9.Napoleon's last name
13.the radical extremists of the revolution
15.Name of the French Parliament
16.This was the government when Napoleon seized power.
17.What was the "killing machine" of the French Revolution?
18.committee headed by Robespierre
20.working class men who did not wear knee-pants
22.radical publisher of The People's Friend
23.an absolute monarch basically
24.Who was the creator of the guillotine
27.river that flows through Paris
29.Reign of ___________, 1793-94
30.colours of the revolution
32.Who was executed on January 21, 1793?
33.Town where Louis was caught escaping in 1791
37.a political system in which the power lies in a body of citizens
39.The island where Napoleon died in 1821
41.A ________ is a rapid, violent change in political power.
42.slogan of the French revolution "life, _______, Equality"
44.the major problem facing France in 1789
45.term for the nobles who fed Frence
1.general/emperor after the revolution
3.he rallied the people to jain the military to save the revolution
4.the uneducated, poor working class of Paris
5.The Declaration of the Rights of ___________
7.Austrian princess second wife of Napoleon
10.the fundamental laws of a country
11.Pride in one's country is _______.
12.wife of Louis XVI
14.Concerned with worldly rather than religious matters
17.the moderate erebels of the revolution
19.The storming of the ___________ was the first event of the Revolution
21.Where was Napoleon born
25.most radical and outspoken leader of the revolution
26.Louis had trouble producing one of these
28.Louis large palace outside Paris
31.Location where the 3rd Estate became the National Assembly
34.the middle class
35.The First Estate was made up of _______
36.Where Marat was when he was killed
38.The _________ Estate had the largest population and consisted of bourgeoisie, peasants, and skilled workers.
40.capital city of France
43.The Island that Napoleon was first exiled

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