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Oliver Twist Vocabulary


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3.a female servant
4.someone who works for an employer for an agreed amount of time to learn a skill
7.money that someone is given regularly
9.someone whose job is to arrange funerals
10.a box in which a dead person is buried
13.to throw
14.a place where, in the past, very poor people lived
16.a circle of rope that becomes tighter as it is pulled
18.the final solving of a problem
20.a feeling that someone or something does not deserve any respect
22.to move suddenly to the side to avoid someone or something
26.to make someone extremely frightened
27.to give something back; to cause someone to return to a state they were in earlier
28.the deep, angry sound of an animal
29.the skin of a fruit or vegetable that you remove before eating it
1.someone who deliberatly breaks the law or harms people
5.a wallet or purse
6.someone who used to go from place to place mending pots and other metal objects
8.a metal bar that slides across to lock a door or window
11.to decide something after considering all the information that you have
12.a house or other building where people live
15.powdered tobacco which people breathe in through their nose
17.the state of being in a situation where something affects you
19.a single example of something from a larger group
21.a small gun that you hold in one hand
23.someone who used to walk from place to place selling small things
24.good at deceiving people
25.morally good behavior; a good quality in someone's character

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