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Amy Tan by Christian Parker

Christian Parker

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2.Tan was born during this month: _________.
7.The Valley of ________ is a novel by Tan that has not yet been released.
8._______, the Chinese Siamese Cat is a character created by Tan.
10.Tan is one of the best known _______-American authors.
11.Another common theme Amy Tan addresses in her works deals with mother-_______relationships.
13.Tan was born in this U.S. state: ___________.
14.The number of children's books written by Amy Tan: ____.
15.The Bonesetter's ________ was Amy Tan's fourth novel.
17.References to Chinese religion in The Kitchen God’s Wife are
19.Tan developed a project for the developmentally_______.
21.Tan's husband was a ______ attorney.
22.Tan is credited with using rich______ to clearly depict/describe visual scenes for her readers.
23.Tan demonstrates difficulties with broken _______ for American immigrants through her own examples of simple – yet grammatically incorrect - English.
24.Amy Tan finished high school in this country: __________.
25.The _______ God's Wife has characters named Bao-bao and Peanut in it.
28.Amy Tan uses the allusions to demonstrate difficulties families experience due to _______ gaps.
29.The Hundred Secret Senses discusses the “yin world of _____.”
32.Because of Tan’s ethnicity, she writes about _______ differences in her works nonfiction and fiction.
33.At age 16, Tan was arrested for _________.
35.What the Library Means to Me was written when Tan was age:______.
36.It could be said that Amy Tan’s main _____ is miscommunication.
37.Tan started a business _______ firm.
38.The Joy Luck Club is Tan's best known work and was adapted into a _____.
1.Tan depicts the________ in her stories clearly so that readers can understand or relate to their concerns.
2.Tan’s books are highly appraised by ________, since most of her characters are strong females.
3.Rock Bottom Remainders is the name of Amy Tan’s _______ which includes other authors like Stephen King.
4.Both Tan’s father and brother died 6 months apart from _________ tumors.
5.Tan’s father, John Tan, was a _______minister.
6.Amy Tan writes both non-fictional and ______ literary works.
9.The number of languages Joy Luck Club is published in: _______.
12.The Opposite of Fate is this type work: ____________.
16.The Joy Luck Club was applauded for its _________ from seven different perspectives.
18.Tan was a finalist for many awards and honors including: the _____ Book Award.
20.Amy’s mother wanted Tan to be a _______and a pianist.
21.A common _____ or issue in Amy Tan’s writing is racial or ethnic issues
26.Tan’s clumsy use of English is criticized by some _____.
27.The title of Tan’s first short story was ___ Game.
30.The Opposite of Fate: A Book of _________ was written in 2003.
31."You see what power is – holding someone else's fear in your hand and showing it to them," was a famous _____ by Amy Tan.
34.Amy Tan’s mother's name: _______.

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