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Limestone Crossword

Mrs Ashton

1 2   3         4
8 9               10 11
  15 16 17        

2.Yorkshire used to be located near the equator. It moved away due to . . . . . . . . movement.
5.A column of limestone in a cave which stretches from the floor to the ceiling.
6.The place where water disappears underground when it reaches limestone rock.
7.A column of limestone growing up from the floor of a cave.
9.An exposed flat area of limestone seen on the surface.
12.A large underground cavern that has been enlarged by weathering and roof collapse in limestone areas.
13.A well known village in a limestone area in Yorkshire.
18.Limestone is weathered by this process (carbonic acid dissolves the calcium).
19.The period when ice scraped all of the soil from the top of the limestone. (2 Words)
20.The horizontal layers of limestone. (2 Words)
21.The term used for rocks which allow water to flow into them.
22.A joint widened by weathering.
1.The vertical lines of weakness in limestone.
3.The chemical name for limestone. (2 Words)
4.Blocks of limestone on the surface.
8.A pointed column of limestone hanging form the roof of a cave.
10.The name of the conservation area in Yorkshire which protects the natural beauty of limestone. (2 Words)
11.The place where water emerges back out of limestone when it reaches another type of rock.
14.Limestone can be classified as this type of rock.
15.This looks as though it was eroded by a river but there is no river there today. (2 Words)
16.The creatures whose remains form limestone.
17.A popular tourist activity in limestone areas.

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