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Review for Mid-Term #4

Review for Renaissance through French Revolution

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      32                 33     34 35  

3.the wife of Louis XIV
5.an advance made in shipbuilding
6.wrote "The Prince"
7.led by Maximilian Robespierre
9.Czarina of Russia after Peter the Great
11.Ruled the Holy Roman Empire and Spain
12.wealthy family that supported the arts during the Renaissance
14.Italian explorer who sailed for Spain in 1492
15.did not benefit from the Declaration of the Rights of Man
18.main form of execution during the French Revolution
20.made up of merchants, professionals, and manufacturers
22.an effect was the exchange of food and animals
24.Wanted his first marriage annulled because he wanted a boy
26.island that Napoleon was first exiled to
27.brief period of renewed glory for Napoleon after his escape from Elba
31.Spread through trade, travel, and printed material
32.studied the law of gravity
37.tried to westernized Russia
38.one of the greatest Renaissance writers
39.Enlightment philosophers
40.Came to the conclusion that the sun was the center of the universe
1.trip that brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean
2.Remains from the revolution's changes to French society
4.began in order to remedy a shortage of labor in the Americas
8.pitted the Roundheads against the loyalists
10.theory that the earth was the center of the universe
13.plan to disrupt trade with Great Britain
16.posted his 95 thesis
17.where Enlightenment ideas were shared
19.the dispersal of Africans throughout the Americas and Western Europe
21.Signed by Charles I because he needed money
23.Invented by Johannes Gutenberg
25.Painted the Sistine Chapel
28.absolute monarchs believed they ruled by this
29.believed in natural rights
30.the return of the monarchy in Great Britain
33.political and social system in place in France before the Revolution
34.Believed that government should work for the benefit of the common good, not for the wealthy few.
35.major city of the Renaissance
36.Louis XIV's nickname

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